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Statement from Canada Women’s Soccer Alumni Association

The Canada Women’s Soccer Alumni Association stands in solidarity with the women involved in the allegations that were courageously brought forward by Ciara McCormack – Horrific Canadian Soccer Story – The Story No One Wants to Listen to, But Everyone Needs to Hear.

It’s time to heal the past, rebuild trust in our sport and work towards full accountability and transparency to ensure that players are protected from these types of abuses moving forward.  However, the healing journey can only begin when all parties and organizations involved decide to do the right thing and take full responsibility. The wide-spread culture of dismissing, silencing and bullying these brave whistle blowers who speak out has been and still is a systemic failure in soccer.  This culture only delays our ability as a community to step forward on a path that protects all of those playing the game. 

We sincerely hope that Ciara’s courage to share her story becomes a catalyst for real change and inspires the entire soccer community to work together to ensure that the proper support, processes, policies, education and third-party accountability are in place to protect all those playing our game. We as an association want to ensure that all those personally affected by the stories, told and untold, are supported and your voices are heard.  We pledge to speak out, take-action to address these concerns and to be a part of the change that our sport and members deserve now and in the future.  The time is now to set a new path that will make positive and lasting change.

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