Enriching Women’s Soccer

Who We Are:

The Canadian Women’s Soccer Alumni and Player Association (CWSAPA), is a not for profit organization that was founded in 2015 by former Canadian International Soccer Players. The CWSAPA are devoted to harnessing the full potential of former Women’s national team players to support and enhance the growth of the Women’s game in Canada.

Why we’re doing it:

Canada has a rich history of female soccer players that have represented this country on the world stage. Since Canada’s very first national team in 1986, the sport of soccer in Canada has evolved exponentially and our national teams have become global contenders. The continued growth, and future of our women’s national teams and soccer in Canada will benefit from the participation, involvement and inspiration from players that have ‘lived’ the game at that level.

Why Now:

The CWSAA is a legacy of the FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup.  It was born out of the alumni’s presence at the event and the recognition by alumni that the time is now to build an organization that can elevate the strength of the women’s game and leverage it on behalf of Canadian women and girls in soccer.

We need to build on the momentum of the Women’s National team and we can’t let this opportunity pass us by. Canada is a leading soccer nation and together we have the power to engage the nation beyond the field of play.


To unite past, present and future Canadian national women soccer players to preserve the history of our sport and create a strong foundation of legacy for the future through role models that will inspire and ignite many generations of soccer players across all of Canada and beyond.


The CWSAA strives to enrich the sport of women’s soccer in Canada.


1) One Voice – to aggregate the voice of the players and provide a forum for Canadian Women National Soccer Team players, past, present and future.

2) Collaboration – to come together to achieve our mission through meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with others.

3) Inclusion – to grow the game as one team – there is a role for everyone committed to the CWSAPA mission, vision and values.

Strategic Objectives:

1) Inspire and Enable the Younger Generation – Assist in youth soccer initiatives; involve former National team players in support and participation in raising funds for charitable causes that enhance the quality of life for girls and help get them on and off the field of play. 

2) Mentorship and Education: Assist former women national team players in their transition to life after soccer.

3) Promotion and Advocacy : Inspire today’s girls and women through positive role modelling, strong advocacy for the game and ongoing contributors to creating soccer experiences that impact lives and create lifelong ambassadors of the game.

4) Enhance and Enrich the women’s soccer culture in Canada:  Preserving our storied history while connecting and engaging with past, present and future players to support and advance the sport of soccer in Canada for women.  Growth and the future of our women’s national teams and soccer in Canada will benefit from the participation, involvement and inspiration from players that have ‘lived’ the game at that level.

Who’s welcome.

Any player who has played an international match for Canada.

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